Forward Step

Hope in an era of challenge.

MVRDV  architects

MVRDV architects

This is my manifesto, my philosophy of doing, and my why. In all that I create, my intention is to contrast our current times of trouble and worry, to pull back the curtains and let light to come in.

Carl Barnett Design/Studio  - Untitled (Thrive)

Carl Barnett Design/Studio - Untitled (Thrive)

Within the crumblings of government and our concern towards the future, there is beauty to be seen and resolution to be had by the creative and active endeavors of many.

The inspiration is there, always growing and building despite its counter parts, which have always been and will to some degree, always be. This is human nature, life as we know it, and to resolve or soften this pendulum of behavior is to acknowledge our imperfections, siding with our better half. 

This perhaps is not an easy task, one mountain begets another, but again this is life: certainly my lesson to be learned. But this does not mean change cannot happen, or that our endeavors are all for not, it all adds up, step by uncertain step, forward.

The creative mind is a powerful tool as is the mindset of empathy and hope. There is no grand gesture needed, only the desire and will to do better. To build a positive future, is to be the stronger foundation: to know our human nature and to be our better selves. 


Peter Garfield

Peter Garfield

Often I think on hope and love, and where action lies within these. Hope and love are intangible emotions, and action gives them bones and flesh.

In this era of challenge, yet another by history standards, hope and love have made their mark, though continues to be daunted. But hope always has the constant push, and love the impossible pull. 

Action is where these find their weight, in our everyday. It is this that marks the coming future: pushing the pendulum further.